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If malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu, Ketu are situated in the ascendant, they may give diseases and bad result also. The 6th Horoscope House - Sixth house is known for the loan, bad debts and illness.

This considers the bad place in a birth chart and if this place and owner of the place is weak and have less malefic influence, it is good for healthy life. More power of sixth horoscope house and the Lord make troubles in health. Astrologer should examine these keys for predicting the health.

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Generally, it is considered the best for healthy life if malefic planets like Saturn, Raahu and Ketu situated in the sixth home and if the auspicious planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus etc. The 8th Horoscope House - The 8th place represents the age, life force and longevity of age. This place and master of eight house should be strong for a long life, but the place should be free from bad influence for better healthy life also.

Auspicious planets should not be here for good fitness.

Illness in Your Birth Chart

Moon Ascendant - Besides of main ascendant, the house and sign in which Moon located considered as Moon ascendant also. The Moon and Moon ascendant sign should be strong enough for good healthy life. As, Moon represents as ascendant itself and represents mind, emotions, and intuitions. Transit of Planet - An astrologer should examine the current transit and inter transit in a medical horoscope so that prediction can be made for health.

If the ascendant cusp lord and the ascendant lord are well placed by house, nakshatras, aspect and conjunction, it gives good health to the native. In other words, 5th house negate 6th house matters, that is sickness and disease. During the period of the planets connected with the 5th house, the health of the native improves, and they find cure if they have any health issues. No person can have a cure from the chronic disease, if there is no planet in the 11th house, no planet in the constellation of the owner or occupant of 11th house and if the 11th cusp and the lord of the 11th are in the sub of evil planets.

Horoscopes of sick people reveal that the lords of the dasas which they experienced they contracted disease are all in the sub of lord of 6, and the 11th house is not strong. Lord of 11 and 1 are also spoiled. Planets in movable signs cause disease of short duration; Common signs indicate neither short nor long. Fixed signs threaten disease of prolonging, chronic, and tedious nature.

If planets are afflicted in movable or cardinal signs they affect head, stomach, kidneys and skin. Diseases, for example, brain fever, epilepsy, sudden unconsciousness apoplexy ; stomach trouble, cancer; kidney and liver troubles; rheumatism, gout and colds or chills. Afflictions in fixed signs affect throat, heart, urine-genital organs and blood. Diseases, for example, tonsillitis, diphtheria, heart troubles, spinal ailments, piles, stones, ailments regarding urinary and generative organs; blood disorders. Afflictions in common or mutable signs affect lungs, intestines, nerves and digestion.

It represents diseases, for example, TB, bronchitis, asthma, intestinal diseases, rheumatism; dropsy, scurvy.

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Cancer: Stomach, breasts, chest, digestive organs, ribs, elbows. Scorpio: Urinary and generative organs, bladder, anus, pelvis, nose, appendix. Sun: Heart, back, spleen, blood, brain, right eye of a man, left eye of a woman, vitality. Moon: Stomach, uterus, ovaries, breasts, saliva, left eye of a man, right eye of a woman.

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Mercury: Nerves, mind, brain, tongue, speech, lungs, hands, arms, ears, hair. Venus: Throat, internal generative organs, kidneys, ovaries, complexion, reins, veins, cheeks. Mars: External generative organs, rectum, Nose, fore-head, gall bladder, muscles, bile. Jupiter: Liver, arteries, hip bones, feet, thighs, arteries, right ear.

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Saturn: Bones, gall bladder, skin, left ear, joints, teeth, spleen,. Ascendant: The degree rising on the cusp of the Ascendant is of great importance in judging the health. It rules the body. The bodily strength and its power of resisting disease may be judged. Health suffers when the sub lord of the ascendant is in the constellation of the significator of 6 or 8 or If the sub lord of the Ascendant is in the star of the occupant of the 1st or the 11th, the health is normal.

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Moon: It rules the functional system of the body. Indian Astrology has a feature that is called remedial methods. There are so many remedies for every problem we face in our life. Remedies life chanting of planetary mantras, Yagya, donations etc. Free Vedic Janmakundali Horoscope with predictions in Hindi. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Read more.. I Agree No! I will try my level best to give you accurate Astrology programs and predictions.

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